22 december / 2020

Report ot the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation: „Human rights situation in Ukraine”


Report of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation



Table of Contents

1.     Manifestations of neo-Nazism, glorification of former Nazis and collaborationists, as well as the spread of racism and xenophobia

2.     Restrictions on media activities (censorship, pressure, harassment of journalists)

3.     Persecution of national minorities

4.     Discrimination of national minorities in the area of education and the use of their language

5.     Human rights violations by Ukrainian law enforcement agencies

6.     Discrimination against believers and the clergy of the canonical Ukrainian Orthodox Church

7.     Violations of social and economic rights of the population of South-Eastern Ukraine

This report is a further effort by the Ministry to draw attention of the international community to a grim human rights situation in Ukraine with no signs of its improvement at this point. On the contrary, there continue systemic violations of basic human rights and freedoms. There is no respect for the right to freedom and personal integrity. There have been multiple instances of unlawful detention, as well as tortures, intimidation, and ill-treatment, including with a view to extorting confessions from detainees.

Under the pretext of combating "Russian aggression" and separatism, there continue repressions against political opponents, independent journalists and media companies, as well as members of civil society organizations unsuitable to authorities. To that end, the Ukrainian government actively engages radical nationalist groups.

Undue restrictions apply to the rights of internally displaced persons, Russian speaking citizens and national minorities. Repressive measures continue to be taken against congregants and clergy of the canonic Ukrainian Orthodox Church.

The situation described seems to indicate a persistent reluctance and inability of the new Ukrainian leadership which took office more than year ago to address serious violations of human rights in the country.